I’ll stop numbering my entries

Yup. This is only useful if I want to make it more evident that I don’t update this thing very often.

I adopted the goal “blog every day” , so, here you have me.

Woo… I can’t believe that an idea of what to post about actually just came to me. Duh!

I have a new job! =D. Now, I work at a cyber cafe =D. And right now, the place is pretty lonely. Ok, not “pretty lonely”. It’s empty. So I have time for a post.

I’ve been working here for two, almost three days =P. And it’s great, because, as you might already know, I LOOOOVE Internet, and now I can make money out of sitting in front of the computer clicking and clicking and clicking the del.icio.us randomizer, leaving comments for my myspace friends, updating my 43things list, blogging, reading really interesting stuff ( like this *cat*), chatting with friends and family, playing online games, and a really BIG ETCETERA.

Who said work has to be boring? =D


About Escribidora

Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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One Response to I’ll stop numbering my entries

  1. SANTIAGO says:

    k onda,pa la otra mandame blogs en español xfa jeje baebae

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