Qué feo caso

Jaja… Qué onda con el título? … Bueno… Ya qué… Es lo único que se me ocurrió…

Greetings, non-existent readers. Here I am after two months. The title ? … Oh, yeah, the title… It means something like “what an ugly case”. I’m refering to my poor, poor bloggy-blog-blog-blog. It’ll improve. I promise.

Another ugly case is my unemployedness. Unexpected unemployedness. Oh, I just remembered that I’ve actually never mentioned that I worked at a stationer’s store. Well… yeah… It was good while it lasted. Maybe a stationer’s store isn’t the ideal job for most of you. But it’s actually among my top 4 ideal jobs… So… yeah… My heart broke when they told us they were closing the store… But it’s been almost two weeks already, and I have to get over it. It was a good job and it allowed me to buy my long wanted digital camera. That makes me happy .

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Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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2 Responses to Qué feo caso

  1. Etienne says:

    Join the unemployed ranks, we’re quietly forging a mutiny.

  2. jeje es una belleza esa camara… 🙂
    bueno aqui te doy la bienvenida de nuevo a este lugar
    bueno espero que estes bien… ya estaremos en contacto… disculpa si por A ó B no responda no me malinterpretas es que aveces hago tareas a mis sobrinos ¬¬ abusan del tio pero como ahora tengo cuarto aparte ya nadie va a molestarme 😀 Muajajajaja ´`I,.,I´`

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