37. Blog

Ok. If my memory doesn’t trick me, I added ·Blog· to my 43things list. And, as you can see, it’s not going that well.

Anyway. I’ll try to update at least two times a week.

Not a lot to talk about, except that I have a new job. I’ll start on monday. I’m happy =). I wasn’t even looking for a new job at the time. I was working at a factory. Yup. That’s right. Me. At a factory. I got tired of looking for an office job without results. So I decided to work at the aforementioned factory for a few months but I only stayed there two weeks. I’m kinda gonna miss the factory. Or maybe not the factory, but the people I met there. I have their numbers and stuff, but still u.u .

Sometimes I feel like I’m an apple tree leaf carried by the wind. And I like it =). I’ll try to think like that more often. It’ll help me release some pressure from my life.

♫ = ♥

Brother – The Organ


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