Procrastination or why you’re surfing the web instead of working

Ok. I thought ‘by the time I finally write that post entitled “Procrastination or why you’re surfing the web instead of working”, I should have gotten over it’. And well, it didn’t happen. So here I am… C’mon, it’s been only three days or so.¬¬

Why do I procrastinate? Mmmmh, interesting question. I’ve always had an idea of why I behave the way I do. 

  1. It’s just that I care too much about ‘the external factor’. Meaning the way the other people see me. Then that’s why I blog instead of working… I guess… But… what about my co-workers? Aren’t they part o the ‘external factor’? Why I don’t care if they get told off because of something I was supposed to do but I didn’t?
  2. Mmhmm.. I think I have to consider as well the ‘daydreaming factor’. I want to be like a lot of people that have qualities I lack. I’d like to be more self-confident, more culturous, smarter, thinner, more efficient, funnier, a really good friend/girlfriend/daughter/aunt/sister…etc…. So I go and read blogs of people who are like I want to be. Just thinking I could be doing that. That I actually CAN do that. But I just don’t do it. Maybe because I’m afraid to fail.
  3. The reasons of the other people to do whatever ‘normal people’ is supposed to do. I take them as my own reasons. Maybe this is because I don’t know myself enough as to know what are my motivations? Anyway, when this happens, I kinda start doing things but halfway through I stop. Because the reasons why I’m doing things just aren’t my own. It just doesn’t work.

I’m not telling you this because for some strange reason I think that you – whoever ‘you’ are – REALLY care about why I procrastinate, but maybe, just maybe, you’re a procrastinator as well and would really like to figure out why you are acting that way. And this short list, though really personal, could help you start making connections between the way you act when it comes to starting and completing a task and in general, and the way you think.

Conclusion; I need to know myself a damn lot better. Work from within. Not backwards.

Well, that’s all for now. Oh, wait; here’s a post I found really interesting
11 Ways to Cure Someday Syndrome.

Ok, read ya soon 😉


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One Response to Procrastination or why you’re surfing the web instead of working

  1. Etienne says:

    Ese video está muy bueno. Me di cuenta de que tengo muchas actividades que no las había pensado previamente como procrastinación.

    Pienso que procrastino cuando no estoy presionado. Si tengo fecha de entrega, entonces no procrastino, o bueno, si pero cuando ya veo la fecha cerca, me pongo a trabajar 🙂

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