Photo Thursday

One of my favourite paintings is Ophelia, by british artist John Everett Millais. It depicts the scene right before the drowning of this character from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Though it’s not the only painting in which Ophelia has been featured, it’s -at least in MY world – the most known representation of Prince Hamlet’s sweetheart.
The following are some links to photographs inspired by the character found in flickr. I’m even thinking of making my own version :P.


Ophelia – Stillpoint
ophelia is drowned
Mon fleur du coeur
Incapable of My Own Distress
To the celestial, and my soul’s idol, the most beautified Ophelia
drowning IV


catzi-cat II

Sácame de aquí – Enrique Bunbury


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Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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2 Responses to Ophelia

  1. tavinho says:

    facebook tengo pero no encontre mi dirección o algo por el estilo jajaja.. pero la del hi5 ahi va


    add me , cheers, later !! Op ,

    pd. pondre el correo en mi datos aqui en el comment haber si sale 😛

  2. attasu says:

    I love this image, her fingers lightly touch and her hands fall to a position after tearing something delicate in two – her heart. I wrote a poem inspired by her on my website. See what you think…

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