Undusting an old goal


I effing hate spam >.<
Well, hello there, imaginary and non-imaginary readers =) – I know I have a few of the last -.
I would really like to post more often, but I happen to have a day job. =/
Which reminds me of Zen Habit’s author, Leo Babauta and his other blog, Write To Done. There’s a post there about “How to Write Quality Posts When You Have a Day Job” that I should seriously consider to read.

*Sigh* I’d love to write stories again. Oh, now I remember I’ve never told you I used to write short novellas. And accordingly to my literature professor, they were really good. Though I never really thought they were u.u… Anyway… I even “challenged” myself to be a published author by the next year. Today I decided I’m going to take up writing again. I don’t think I’m gonna be published by next year, but it’s worth the try. Plus, lately I don’t do anything other than working  and going out with my boyfriend. I want to do something else. And what better than something I once felt at ease doing :).

Ok, that’s it for now.

Opio – Héroes del Silencio


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Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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One Response to Undusting an old goal

  1. OMNI says:

    You are doing something that’s cost me a long time to understand, and that is, to take some time and do something YOU like, something for yourself. I like my work, I go out with friends, but somewhere along the line, I stopped illustrating, stopped reading stuff I like. And it has, to some point, erased some part of my identity. I mean, stuff like, I don’t even dress and look like I would want. Well, I’m doing something about that now 😉

    On another note. I took the freedom of expressing myself in English on your Blog. It’s really hard, even here in Mexicali to find someone who understands English this well as you. So I’m taking advantage of that!

    Read ya soon.

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