Loving my job

i♥my job
Seriously. I EFFING love my job.

Having to count a damn lot of money everyday – money that, of course, doesn’t belong to me even in a 10 percent – is just inspiring. ¬¬

Don’t be ashamed to say you have one of those ‘summer’ or ‘student’ kind of jobs. You know, the kind of job that consumes the great majority of your time and doesn’t monetarily reward you… The kind of job where you’re not your own boss…
Just open your mouth and articulate the words ‘I work doing this because I think it’s an inspiring job’ =D.

1. At a bookstore. *dreamy kind of incidental music*The dream bookstore for a lot of people would be one that combines the classiness of The Shop Around the corner and the variety of services of Fox Books (You’ve got mail). There aren’t a lot of this kind of bookstores in the World, so if you work at one, you really are lucky. Actually, even if you work at a bookstore where there aren’t more services offered -coffee shop,for example-, where there only are books and more books, you’re still lucky. Just imagine; you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of books surrounding you every day. The only smell of their pages is inspiring. There, waiting for you to read them and hopefully squeeze as much inspiration as the time spent there and attention lets you. Don’t you feel inspired already? =)
2. At a stationer’s store. Because there’s art/creativity material being sold there. Oil painting, brushes, lots of different kinds of paper, framing material, notebooks, pens, pencils, stickers,  and a HUGE  Et cetera. I feel like getting crafty right now =P.

3. At a records store. There is so much inspiring music out there! Grab a notebook and your favourite pen and just let the music of your preference guide you through the incommesurable paths of creative writing. Or maybe you prefer drawing? No problem; music can give you a hand on that too =D. Only do this when you don’t have too many customers =P.*


Aunque no sea conmigo – Enrique Bunbury


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