There will be joy

That’s right, my imaginary and non imaginary friends =P. I had this little problem and it suddenly solved by itself. Or maybe not by itself, actually it was my ‘past me’ who solved it, and I’m so happy I once was that ‘me’ and that I can be like I once was =P. I know, I know, you must be really confused by this post, but it’s ok, life and posts based on life don’t always have to be easy to understand 8-| =P. Anyway, this is just a little note to let you know about my life. I’m trying to make this thing a lil bit less personal, and I’m trying hard, but I guess I’ll have to start trying harder, because I haven’t gave myself enough time as to write posts that are an easy and really interesting read. Maybe I’m too self-centered, because personal posts are my ‘forte’ =P. Anyway, I’ll try to update soon, thank you for reading this =).*


About Escribidora

Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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