Totally Random Sunday


XD I just pulled that out of thin air XD

Animal pajamas!

There’s a friend of mine who used to wear  bear pajamas when he was eight years old. That’s one of the reasons why he likes Serial Experiments Lain. This is one of the alter-egos of the main character in her pajamas :

bear pajamas!
Oh, the nostalgia

Doing some research, I found out that some people in Japan wear their pajamas in public. These people are referred to as ‘Kigurumin’.

I don’t even wear pajamas to sleep! Though I’m considering to buy a cat pajamas, you know, just for fun n.n

And now, the egotheque, august edition. This are my two favorite posts of the month:

8 finds of the month

And I think that’s it for now. Read ya later 😉


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One Response to Totally Random Sunday

  1. Polly says:

    Me gusta la idea, yo a veces salgo en pijama al Oxxo cosas así porque mis pijamas no parecen tanto pijamas pero me imagino que ese no es el chiste. Así que tendremos que ir a Japón para sentir la emoción de andar en pijamas por la calle. Eso sí, yo también de linda gatita 🙂


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