So British

tea cup
(11:13 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: hey
(11:13 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: whats up girl?
(11:13 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: how was your day?
(11:13 p.m.) Green Eyelids: Estuvo… bien …
(11:13 p.m.) Green Eyelids: y el tuyo?
(11:14 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: fine
(11:14 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: whacha doin right now
(11:15 p.m.) Green Eyelids: I’m just listening to music… I just finished drinkng a cup of tea …
(11:15 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: oh very british
(11:17 p.m.) Green Eyelids: Yeah =D
(11:17 p.m.)Green Eyelids: but.. that’s not why i was drinking tea… my stomach hurts =/
(11:18 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: jajja how come?
(11:18 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: what did you eat?
(11:19 p.m.) Green Eyelids: ... comí .. bistec con papas.. .. este… amm… en la mañana … huevo con papas.. jajaja… probablemente fueron muchas papas.. XD
(11:19 p.m.) BirthdayGuy2k1: XD*

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