L.A. Story

  • [Admiring a painting]
  • I like the relationships. I mean, each character has his own story. The puppy is a bit too much, but you have to over look things like that in these kinds of paintings. The way he’s *holding* her… it’s almost… filthy. I mean, he’s about to kiss her and she’s pulling away. The way the leg’s sort of smashed up against her… Phew… Look how he’s painted the blouse sort of translucent. You can just make out her breasts underneath and it’s sort of touching him about here. It’s really… pretty torrid, don’t you think? Then of course you have the onlookers peeking at them from behind the doorway like they’re all shocked. They wish. Yeah, I must admit, when I see a painting like this, I get emotionally… erect.

  • [the painting is revealed to be of a red rectangle]
  • ~Steve Martin as Harris K. Telemacher, L.A. Story (1991)


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    Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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    One Response to L.A. Story

    1. Jezhua says:

      ammm no entiendo el ingles… =P
      Hug me·
      eso ya lo habia oido de mi prima cuando llega de viaje y me ve… -.-!!
      me termina aplastando en sus brazoz creo que es abrazame ^^
      pue” Yo te mando uno ^^
      xaoo San…
      desde aqui tu abrazo
      te cuidas!!

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