New Season


Well, it’s 3am and I suddenly felt like updating this thing.

Blogs are so 2006, right? I don’t care. I think I’m never going to erase mine; I love it just the way it is, with its imperfections ♥

So, I’m here only to anounce a brand new season, one that no one was expecting. Things have changed -I’m older and wiser now, you know?- for the better or the worse… Who am I kidding? Maybe I’ve actually stayed the same over the years. Who knows, maybe you’d like to stay and find out (?)

Come on in, I have cookies and coffee ♥


About Escribidora

Pseudo hikikomori, guerrilla orthographist, human.
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3 Responses to New Season

  1. Camilo A B G says:

    where is the brand new season??? it’s 2016 already… still waiting for it…

  2. Sugiero poner los blogs de moda en el 2017.

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